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At Savx, we’re building a new kind of bank. One that lives on your smartphone and built for the way you live today.

How the fastest, safest and the most economical payment system in the world was founded?

Dealing or Traveling overseas comes with its own challenges. Money shouldn’t be one of them. When dealing, send and receive certified invoices, pay and receive funds fast without delays and costly transactions takes place in different currencies or banks. When traveling, if you run out of money, you just can’t get that cup of coffee you wanted even if you’re just a block away from your house. Being out of money in a foreign country can bring about a multitude of problems. One of them would be banks charging exorbitant exchange fees.

It became clear that something needed to change. Today’s financial system has been under scrutiny for some time now, and for good reason. I could no longer ignore this great need for change. Eliminate borders, no more credit cards, bank accounts with fees and hidden agendas.

It was time to step up and change the world into a better, safer and smaller place with no more borders. It was time to create a space where people could interact with trust and deal easily with local and intercontinental currencies.

Thus, SAVX was born.

What kind of guy would decide to create a Payment system just like that?

Well, the story began years ago, with a little guy who decided to see the daylight during the night. Maybe not one of my brightest ideas, and I didn’t figure out how to do that, but hey, it was my first time being alive.

A few years later, while this growing boy was watching that same beautiful sky, his musings led him to dream about counting uncountable infinities and traveling through space and time. Nothing simpler than that, right? Again, I guess I couldn’t find out how to travel through space and time, but something inside was waking.

Soon after, this curious boy’s table was lightened by the glow of his computer, accompanied by the sound of his tapping keyboard. To this day, I still remember Windows 95 crashing while I was trying to save a game. The worst feeling ever as a kid! Those games were the best — classics like Bomber-man, Mario and Tarzan. What a time to be young!

But as they do, the years passed, and our little guy started to grow. Suddenly, a high schooler where he fell in love twice, wrote his first program (oh, Mighty Pascal!), and drank his first beer (beah!).

Without even noticing, it was the time to be the man that the kid had dreamed about and to stay the kid that the man may dream about. And so, this young man’s first year as an undergrad student began. I still remember the math professor reminding us that the paper doesn't have the property to auto complete itself, therefore we had to solve the equations by ourselves, even if they looked scary.

In 4 years, our young man completed his studies and officially became a computer engineer. Inspired by those dreams of that little kid and fueled by the desires and passions of an adult man, this pioneer decided to follow his dreams.

He chose to push the science boundaries, made the impossible possible. Because, in the end, there is always a set of axes where everything is simple, you just have to find them. And that’s exactly what this man did when he created…

SAVX. Welcome to the Payments !

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